DIVERSIFOOD in action | Cultivating Diversity

In a field near Raddusa, in Sicily, an Italian farmer named Giuseppe Li Rosi is cultivating an evolutionary participatory crop made of a mixture of 2,000 varieties and 750 crossings of soft wheat from Syria. Starting from 90 kilograms of seeds, 60 hectares are now being cultivated in Sicily using an extraordinary variety of crops. In Vienna, Austria, the agronomist Beate Koller from Arche Noah is working with farmers to build a map of community seed banks in Europe, at the same time promoting local initiatives such as growing winter vegetables. These are only two of the many experiments being conducted as part of the European project DIVERSIFOOD, which presents a new idea of agriculture to promote food diversity.



Genetic diversity. Network. Small scale production. Diversity and food. Management of genetic resources. Population. Richness. Health. These are some of the keywords of DIVERSIFOOD project, according to the partners’ voices.




What is DIVERSIFOOD all about? Who are the actors involved? And what are the challenges we are facing to promote a new way of thinking agriculture? Find it out watching the “DIVERSIFOOD in 1 minute” video interviews.




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